Thursday, September 27, 2007

Valor Without Renown

Here's that thing Lady Lana! I tried about everything to e-mail it to you.
Do you remember why the female race was made? In Genesis 2:18 God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone." If you'll notice that is the first thing about God's creation that he found "not good". So Adam, the first man, met all the animals and named them, but it says that among them God did not find a suitable helper for him. And the rest is history. Eve was made to help Adam. That was God's purpose for her, and so, to quote Louisa May Alcott's EIGHT COUSINS, "girls were made to look after boys". Numerous books have been written on this subject, and I am not about to state all the reasons woman was brought into the world. I am just going to use one of my favorite blends - The Word of God and the Lord of the Rings! (Can I get a round of applause please?) This particular part in The TWO TOWERS just drives me wild. If you have not seen it just try to follow me here. Rohan is chaotically preparing for battle and are outnumbered more than 33 to 1. Every man and strong lad is given a weapon, knowing that death is near. The women and children are sent to the caves inside the fortress where they will be safe. But the niece of the king has an objection. She runs to Aragorn stating hotly, "I'm to be sent with the women into the caves!" "That is an honorable charge." says Aragorn. That is one of his truest and best lines in my opinion! "To mind the children? To find food and bedding when the men return? What renown is there in that?" He replies with the perfect picture of womens' purpose. "My lady, a time may come for valor without renown". Suppose all the women of Rohan had Eowyn's attitude. The men (and women) would come back battered and bloody after their miraculous victory and look around. No shouts of joy and welcome. No food. No bedding. The unattended babies and children would be crying and upset because they had no one to feed them. I call that doing a husband harm instead of good. If nobody was waiting at home, what renown would there be in a battle? What would men fight for? Of course, I'm not married. I'm just writing what God - and my mom have told me so far. I do have a lot of practice "looking after boys" with five little brothers running around with guns:) But God didn't make woman to go get jobs and put their kids in day-care and have a husband warming up frozen dinners while she's late again at that business meeting. He made her to work behind the scenes to help him achieve success. Valor without Renown. Her arms are strong for her tasks. Her weapon is a wooden spoon and of course, the occasional fly-swatter. Glorious? YES! Minding children, getting food and bedding, and dishes is what God made woman to do! Fulfilling God's purpose for me sounds like the most exciting thing ever do-able. How about you?