Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Believe in Yourself"...uh, I'd rather NOT!

Chasen – Crazy Beautiful
From the album – Shine Through The Stars

Whoa you’re oh so beautiful,
you don’t need anyone’s approval
You’ve got to believe in yourself
you know you are
You’re crazy beautiful

There's no need to change
We're different but the same
In the eyes of the King
We're beautifully made
In his image we're made
Take a look it’s all around you
See the world from different views
The way you shine from the inside
I know with out a doubt
It’s more than what you’ll be In the world’s eyes.

Have you ever had somebody tell you to believe in yourself? At least you've heard it said. This is the song, Crazy Beautiful by Chasen. I dunno who that is, some new guy they're playing on Air 1. I think.

"Whoa you’re oh so beautiful,
you don’t need anyone’s approval
You’ve got to believe in yourself
you know you are You’re crazy beautiful"

It's got an extremely catchy tune, and will make about any girl dance. Those artsy "Who-oa"s are real neat. But the lyrics give the wrong idea about, well, YOU! So, we're supposed to believe in ourselves because we're the way God made us. Well, if God made us the way we are, why believe in ourselves? Why not believe in Him?
Say your mom made some brownies. Now for some reason, maybe you had a nightmare the night before about brownies being very salty. Oh, dear. It has messed up your entire day and you REALLY think they are going to be salty! Nightmares really mess you up that way. Do you say, "Well, these brownies LOOK good." (personally I think EVERY brownie is CRAZY BEAUTIFUL!) "So I'm gonna trust these brownies not to be salty." Could be correct, from a certain point of view. But if you really were worried, why not ask your mom about the amount of salt put into the chocolate goodness. About a teaspoon. Now you're thinking, "Ok, I know my mom didn't make these brownies salty. I'm gonna believe what she said."
That was an extremely last ditch attempt at an example, but you get my point. Consider Phillipians 4:13. "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me." Not, God made you good. You can do it! "I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing." - John 15:5. NOTHING. You cannot do ANYTHING apart from God. You are nothing without the Vine! If you are faced with an important decision, you can't go the Hollywood way and believe that you'll make the right choice, more than likely you'll make the WRONG choice! Listen to what God has to say about your life! After all, he knows what's going to happen, so isn't it in your best interest to hear him out?
Now I'm not saying don't be confident. Being confident is different than believing in yourself. Confidence is all in where you put it. Our only REAL confidence is in God, because he is the only perfect one. Can you think of anything else you can put your confidence in that won't let you down? But don't walk around with your head down thinking you're junk. God made you to be his tool. You can't believe in the hammer to drive the nail in straight - it's all in the hand that hammers and that's God. Being God's tool is awesome! And God has personalized you different than any other hammer. Hence you are.....(sing this out loud)........CRAZY BEAUTIFUL! Just put your confidence in your loving Hammer-er and not in your own metal. I think you (as a hammer) know it's hard to drive a nail on your own! And this is just a matter of opinion I suppose, but I sure need somebody's approval... God's!!!!!!!! Nobody else's matters. As long as I'm right with the Hammer-er!


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