Thursday, January 3, 2008


I like to play a game where somebody says one word and the next person says the first word that comes to their mind. Such as:
1 - "Hot"
2 - "Cold"
1 - "On"
2 - "Off
And the like. Let's play it! I say the word TEMPTATION. What's the first thing you think of? Tell me in the comment section. Maybe "Eve". I think of SUGAR! I verily believe everybody likes some sugary thing. Starch too! You just feel an urge to move your hand over there and pick up that HERSHEY'S bar and put it in your mouth. Of course everybody has their own area where they are tempted. Maybe sleep, or money, or drugs. But what IS temptation? It feels like an invisible star wars-like force or you're wearing a mind controlling bowler hat like in MEET THE ROBINSONS. When you think about it, it's creepy! I mean, how much are you tempted to have the power to do that to people? We can't do it to people. But everybody is tempted - even Jesus was. Who was the author of the temptation? That's right! Satan. The being scorned and accursed by which fury hell hathno himself. And the same Satan that tempted Jesus tempts us today. "I was always told it was my flesh" you may say. What is your flesh? It is the sinful nature inside of you. The little (or big) part of you that wants worldly things and power and money. The part fueled by the devil thanks to (yep) Adam and Eve. Satan first used his tempting powers on them. "You want it.... you know you want it... you need it... a little's fine... God doesn't know what he talking about... MUST HAVE THE PRECIOUS!!!!!" Yikes. When you think about it, we're all a bunch of Gollums. So how do we resist this creepy, mind and body controlling, power? Here's the sad part: We can't. But here's the good part: God can! God is the only One who EVER outsmarted the devil or beat him. And he's on our side. It's like having your little brother shoot you repeatedly with his annoying NERF crossbow. Of course, the smart thing to do is just run to Dad. Dad can tackle him in a minute and get a wrestling match going with all the rest of your brothers so you can just saunter off unharmed to do whatever. Why let Satan pick on you when you've got his boss around? Just run to him and state the situation. After God takes care of it that time, work on ways to lessen your temptation next time. But one thing about Satan (and little brothers) he NEVER GIVES UP! But (like... certain little brothers) he's faster than you. You can't chase him down and beat him on your own. You need God to help you! Just ask every time!!!!


EMY said...

"Sin" is what came to my mind...
I have no little brothers though... LOL

croctoria said...

hehehe I love it!!! ^_^ and I love you!!! awwww....okay whatever. ^_^ send me a letter!!! hehehehe....hey that happens at my house!!! but then it happens that DAD tries it on me and I gotta run to mom who's like, "EVERYONE STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!!" but she really says to stop it when we're doing it to Kyle....*snickers* we say he's mummy's baby and he hates it...dunno why I shared that. ^_^ then mom gets upset when we say it and tells us to stop it....ANYHOW...

Love the post!

And love you!

Grace said...

Cheese... :P