Saturday, May 5, 2007

Clean House

Remember when God first moved into your heart? It probably had a lot of dust everywhere, the strawberries were all moldy in your fridge, and all your rated R movies were all over the floor. You probably thought, "This place isn't fit for the King of the whole universe!" You did a lot of house cleaning - getting rid of all the junk and dust that you'd been living in before. But He helped you. You may have actually liked all that bad stuff so the habits were hard to break. I'm sure you're still cleaning up now!
But maybe Christ has lived in your heart a long time or most of your life! You think, "NOW the house of my heart is clean! God can relax in the living room without getting dust all over himself!" The living room maybe. But what about the closet of your heart? You know. The one you shoved some of your little bad things in. The one that has cobwebs in it. The one you don't like Him to go into. Perhaps it's not even a closet, maybe it's more like a drawer. The one you put your rolly-eye attitude in and THAT DRESS that shows a little too much. Your might think, "Well that's OK. Just a closet or a drawer doesn't matter." But...where's God gonna put his shoes? I'm sure you occupy your WHOLE house that you live in right now. I mean, there aren't any rooms that have nothing in them at all! God wants to occupy your WHOLE heart the same way. He wants that closet that you keep all your bad habits in to put his shoes in.
You might have tried to clean it before, but you gave up and said, "no matter how hard I scrub it, it just keeps coming back!" Ask God to help you scrub it. He may not do it right away, but not because he's forgotten. HE WANTS THAT CLOSET! With both of you working together as hard as your can, believe it or not, that closet can be clean! The dust probably will come back after awhile, but stay on top of it so it doesn't build up like it did before. Whether the dust is a lying problem, a temper problem, or just some kind of bad habit, you and God make a great cleaning team!

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emy said...

Wow Meggy!
That is an AWESOME post!! so true and something to think about... and not only think about it, DO IT!! :D thanks for posting this!