Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Do you ever think, "Why was I put on this earth? What needs to be done that God would make ME to do it?" God makes everybody for a reason and believe it or not, you were put here for more than just to take up space.
I got one of mail survey forward things a while back and one of the questions was:"What is your dream?" I filled it out with what I figured I was gonna do when I grew up; get married, have those e-kids, etc. and went on to the next question. But for some reason WHAT IS YOUR DREAM stuck in the back of my mind. I began to think of what that WAS. So now I call my purpose in life "my Dream". I may not know what it is yet, but my dream IS to do what God made me to do.
My mom found her dream. She thinks God put her here to raise nine kids to do what He wants with. My brother's dream is to be a professional soccer player - the one that shares his faith during interviews. I'm still praying about mine. I still don't know what my PURPOSE is. Right now it's to be where I am! But an offering I someday want to make is to make a powerful christian movie I have in mind. (Don't laugh! I know it sounds weird) I want to do my best and hand it up and say, "this is for you God! You can do whatever you want with it!" He can shelf it, He can watch it a couple of times, or He can use it to win thousands for Him and I'll see that WAS my dream. I don't know. I just want to try my best (and get Him to help me!) and give everything I do to Him.
Your purpose in life takes work to achieve. Whether it's raising people that all have purposes of their own, sharing God with other people by the way you juke somebody out and shoot a ball, or making Him full-length films with no experience at all, it takes work. Your purpose, I can promise you IS NOT to be a sofa spud! You have to get up and pray, and honor God with your life and before you know it, your dream will jump out in front of you! My mom had no clue when she had her first baby that 8 more were on the way! My brother didn't know that when he said he wanted to play soccer when he was four, it would maybe be a statement he would say and mean for years and years to come. I don't know what your dream, your purpose is, but just do what God puts in front of you and do it your best so that it's like one of those white little lambs that they sacrificed to God. With no spot or stripes or bad stuff. And trust him. My sister's favorite quote is:"If God is your co-pilot, SWAP SEATS!" He drives you, so let him!
"God can do whatever He wants to do however He wants to do it. He can open what He wants to open and shut what He wants to shut." ~ Coach Grant Taylor
You're here for Him so live for Him.
Meggy T


God's Grace said...

This feels weird...But, good post!!!! I got them this morning. I messed with some stuff...but feel free to change it..I posted about it on my other blog...
~God's Grace

Emy said...

wow meggy! that's great!! u r both VERY insightful! i will be a frequent visitor to this blog and will send the link on to my friends!!