Friday, May 11, 2007

A Fit

Little Annie was running around the house with her doll, happily playing. When she came to the kitchen she saw her mother stirring something over the stove, and dollies became quite a boring play. "Mommy, can I stir it?" she asked.
"No, not right now. Right now it's hot. I don't want you to burn yourself."
Annie pouted and fussed, fumed and pushed, not realizing that her mother knew what was good for her and wanted the best for her.
Similar things have happened in our house with our babies, and it seems ridiculous that they would choose to wail and waller around on the floor because they can't do something that would hurt them. Why don't they just TRUST us?

Do you do that when God denies YOU something? All things work together for the good of those who love him. He ALWAYS has the best plan for you and if He says no do you pitch a fit? It's all a matter of trusting God. Right now we want to sell our house and find a house in Colorado. Nothin. God hasn't given us one. Now do we say, "WaAaAaAaA!!!!! But I WANT a house!!!! Being here without Dad is no good!" In other words, "But I WANNA stir it on the hot stove!!! Playing dollies is no fun!'', or do we say, "Well, alright, just tell me when you're ready to give us one" and go give our dollies a tea party? He has our best interest at heart. God will give us what he wants us to have when He's ready to give them to us. He gives good and perfect gifts.

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